As it’s the second-largest Greater London borough, it’s not really surprising to find Barnet property is incredibly popular. The most enduring qualities of this bit of green area in the north of the city are, like many other areas on the edges of the city, that it offers the benefits of being close enough to inner-city London that the daily commute is not too difficult while being far away enough from the busier parts of the city so that you can still have a quiet and peaceful life when you’re not at work.
Why then may you want to consider an alternative to using an estate agent to sell your Barnet home fast? The main problem with selling on the housing market, particularly in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are that it is generally not a very quick process.
Therefore, if you are looking to sell up for a rime sensitive reason, such as moving house to look after a sick relative or to start a new job or because you need the funds quickly to pay off debt, an estate agent may not be able to help. Selling on the housing market, particularly through an estate agent involves a lot of toing and froing, solicitors, and surveyors. Then there’s the actual stage where your home is on the market and you need to deal with viewings.
This can go on for months and months. So, not exactly ideal if you are looking for a quick sale because you need to move on to a new house within a few weeks. That’s where our services here at The Homes Buyer are most useful.
Unlike estate agents, whether we buy your Barnet house for cash is not dependant on securing a buyer, as we are not a middleman. In most situations, we will buy any property for cash. What’s more, we can do it quickly – often within a week, though we can give you more time or try and speed up the process if necessary.
We can’t offer the market value for your Barnet home, but the trade-off is that you get your north London home sold quicker and have the cash from the sale in your bank account quicker too
There are often situations where estate agents will say no to selling homes on behalf of the owners. Some of the most common reasons why they might say no is if there are issues with the property that they believe will make it difficult to get any interest in it and/or a good price, even if they did. So, if your Barnet home has an ongoing Japanese Knotweed issue, is built near a former mine shaft entrance or is a listed building and needs work carried out on it, many estate agents may turn your business down.
With The Homes Buyer, this is not an issue. We have experience, a trusted network, and the buying power to pay upfront for Barnet homes, regardless of their condition. If you are looking to sell your home, we can almost guarantee that we will buy it. You don’t even have to do anything, just agree to our offer, sign on the dotted line and we will take care of everything else. No paperwork, no hassle, contact us today for more information or your free property valuation.

Top 5 FAQ

Yes, we really do buy any property, as long as we can reach a price that is agreeable to us and you, our customer. Our service is a hassle-free and quick alternative to traditional house selling and you can get the ball rolling, by requesting a no-obligation offer.
The main goal when establishing Cash Home and the reason why we offer our services was to help make the whole property selling process a lot easier on the customer. So, just as we handle all the costs involved, we will also deal with the majority of the paperwork. There are, however, some legal documents and the initial agreement that requires your signature, but that’s about it.
Once you have given us all the relevant details about the house, our team of house buying and selling experts will assess the property, its location and the marketplace before presenting you with a price that’s fair that you can take or leave. This generally takes a maximum of 60 minutes, though often is even quicker.
We have access to the funds necessary to buy your house for cash and can transfer the money to your bank account within just 7 days. On the other hand, if you need to do things to a particular timescale, that’s no trouble. We can work with you to work to a timeframe that best suits you.
If you are interested in selling your home to us, contact us and arrange a sale and then you will need to cancel any other agreements or listings you currently have.
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