Although for many generations, Slough will always be famous as the setting for Ricky Gervais’ breakthrough comedy The Office, the town has a lot more to offer. For instance, it the home for many UK headquarters of large international companies like Lego, Mars, and Burger King. In terms of living there, it has an amazing 42 green and open spaces like parks, so it is ideal for any family that is looking for a nice place to live where nature is never too far away but still want excellent transport links to London.
If you are looking to sell your Slough house quickly, the information above may be very encouraging. It is definitely an area in which there is a lot of interest. However, the housing market is rarely as straightforward as that. We are not going to argue the importance of location, as that is one of the key things most people look at when choosing their home. However, if you choose the traditional method of selling a house, i.e. Through an estate agent, you will find that it is anything but quick.
First and foremost, you need to secure the services of an estate agent, which can sometimes be harder than you may think. Some properties are not appealing for estate agents to sell, such as inherited properties and those built near mineshaft entrances. If you have a serious problem with Japanese Knotweed or you are concerned your home is going to be repossessed, estate agents are unlikely to want to help you.
Even after they’ve agreed to sell your Slough home for you, the traditional housing market route is fraught with delays and problems. As there are several different individuals or groups of people involved in a property chain, all need to play their part to make sure the sale goes through. As buyers are allowed to back out of a sale, however, at any point before money has been transferred, there is always the potential for things to go wrong.
When they do, it is not only incredibly frustrating, but time-consuming and, depending on what you do next, expensive. It is best, therefore, if you are looking to sell your Slough home quickly, you should turn to our services here at The Homes Buyer. As our name suggests, we make things very simple – we will make a cash value offer on your home. The biggest selling point of our services is that we have strong purchasing power and a large budget of available money to spend on a property.
Although the process starts with our valuation of your property, from your point of view, the short description above is essentially what your experience will be. It can take us, depending on the situation, a maximum of two weeks normally to complete a sale, but often it will take less time than that. Either way, it’s quicker than the months it may take through the housing market.
If you are interested in selling your Slough house quickly for cash, speak to one of our team today.

Top 5 FAQ

Yes, we really do buy any property, as long as we can reach a price that is agreeable to us and you, our customer. Our service is a hassle-free and quick alternative to traditional house selling and you can get the ball rolling, by requesting a no-obligation offer.
The main goal when establishing Cash Home and the reason why we offer our services was to help make the whole property selling process a lot easier on the customer. So, just as we handle all the costs involved, we will also deal with the majority of the paperwork. There are, however, some legal documents and the initial agreement that requires your signature, but that’s about it.
Once you have given us all the relevant details about the house, our team of house buying and selling experts will assess the property, its location and the marketplace before presenting you with a price that’s fair that you can take or leave. This generally takes a maximum of 60 minutes, though often is even quicker.
We have access to the funds necessary to buy your house for cash and can transfer the money to your bank account within just 7 days. On the other hand, if you need to do things to a particular timescale, that’s no trouble. We can work with you to work to a timeframe that best suits you.
If you are interested in selling your home to us, contact us and arrange a sale and then you will need to cancel any other agreements or listings you currently have.
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