Looking for a quick house sale? Then look no further! Thehomesbuyer, is a private buyer company purchasing properties across the whole UK. TheHomesBuyer offer a one to one approach to house selling and are an ideal option for those who are experiencing difficulties with selling their property through agency or brokers.

Fast & Easy


    • A no obligation cash offer within 24 hours and we can complete the sale as little as seven days.
    • FREE cash offer for your house. Take your time to decide if you want to proceed with the sale. No hidden fees and we cover all your legal costs.
    • We make it easy to sell your property in any market. whether it is a buyer or a seller’s market, we will be there to help you sell your property quickly so you can move on with your life.
    • We eliminate the risk of a failed sale. Not only can you avoid inspection contingencies — notorious for letting buyers back out of sales — there’s no risk of financing falling through because we use our own funds to buy homes.
    • Estate agent fee takes up to 6 percent of your property sale price? Selling your property for cash means you skip the Estate Agent Fees and save money.